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    Microsoft Origami


    Rumors in the tech world have been quietly spreading about a new remot
    computing platform by Microsoft called Origami. Originally, Origami wa
    supposed to tie into the upcoming Windows Vista O/S but the earl
    release implies that it'll tie to XP.

    The website ( is going to launch th
    product on the 2nd of March. Origami is a processor designed b
    National Semiconductor, not Intel.

    Currently, the project is under wraps but some information has bee
    leaked to the public about this device. An advertising firm by the nam
    of Digital Kitchen has a preview of this device. Just go t, click on the DK icon, click on Enter, clic
    on Work, click BrandTheatre then Microsoft Origami and play!

    Origami unleashes XP's and Vista's possibilities nicely since it free
    users and allows them to go completely mobile while maintaining ful
    desktop functionality. Think of it as a remote multimedia terminal tha
    you can take anywhere in the world. The "organizer" sized device has
    lot of possibilities.

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