Bill for Banning Amalgam Reintroduced

Discussion in 'Dental Archive' started by Tim Campbell, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. Tim Campbell

    Tim Campbell Guest

    A bill for banning amalgam has been (re)introduced to the house by
    Congresswoman Diane Watson. The bill is HR 4011.
    Congresswoman Watson's staff has encouraged us to get behind the bill
    and has asked the IAOMT to have its members contact their local
    representatives. We also strongly encourage the public to als do so.
    Please let
    them hear your voice!

    To find your local representative's contact information please visit:
    Contact your Representative .
    Tim Campbell, Oct 28, 2005
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  2. What are you talking about? I thought amalgam was already illegal in
    the United States ......

    Joel M. Eichen, Oct 28, 2005
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  3. Full Moon ?



    Amatus Cremona, Oct 28, 2005
  4. Tim Campbell

    Tony Bad Guest

    Also ask the good Congresswoman if her bill also has provisions that assure
    all alternatives to amalgam will be covered by all insurance plans,
    including state aid plans.

    Tony Bad, Oct 28, 2005
  5. And, at a reimbursement rate that allows the dentist to make at least Burger
    King wages while placing the alternatives.



    Amatus Cremona, Oct 28, 2005
  6. Tim Campbell

    Tony Bad Guest

    Good point...but knowing how government works, I am sure they made excellent
    plans for what will happen if the ban becomes effective.

    Tony Bad, Oct 28, 2005
  7. Tim Campbell

    Mark Probert Guest

    Tim Campbell wrote:
    Good thing I saved those excellent emails...
    Mark Probert, Oct 28, 2005
  8. Tim Campbell

    W_B Guest

    I will if you will... 8^)
    W_B, Oct 28, 2005
  9. Tim Campbell

    somebody Guest

    On Fri, 28 Oct 2005 13:17:37 GMT, "Amatus Cremona"

    I will if you will... 8^)

    Take out the G'RBAGE

    Reply. Thanks, but we can live without that.... errr,,, umm,,, maybe I
    only speak for myself though.
    somebody, Oct 28, 2005
  10. Tim Campbell

    W_B Guest

    You anti-lycanthrope !
    W_B, Oct 28, 2005
  11. Funniest comment all month!
    Joel M. Eichen, Oct 29, 2005
  12. Tim Campbell

    Just Cocky Guest

    On 27 Oct 2005 21:33:22 -0700, "Tim Campbell" <>
    I disagree with this bill. People should be able to get amalgam if
    they so desire. Enough with politicians telling us what we can and
    cannot do with our own bodies.
    Just Cocky, Nov 1, 2005
  13. Tim Campbell

    LadyLollipop Guest

    Enough with just cocky.
    LadyLollipop, Nov 1, 2005
  14. Tim Campbell

    cathyb Guest

    LadyLollipop wrote:
    Bless. Incisive argument from La Lollipop again:)

    She's obviously changed her mind since she stated that when she was a
    child-care worker she ignored any of the government-imposed regulations
    she didn't like concerning what she should or shouldn't do with the
    children in her care.

    cathyb, Nov 1, 2005
  15. Tim Campbell

    Just Cocky Guest

    On Tue, 01 Nov 2005 06:59:21 GMT, "LadyLollipop"
    You have a problem with individual freedom, sweetie?
    Just Cocky, Nov 1, 2005
  16. Tim Campbell

    LadyLollipop Guest

    Umm, no, I HAD a problem with mercury poisoning from amalgams.

    I have a problem with the lies told by *organized and conventional medicine
    and dentistry*

    Causing MANY to SEARCH and SUFFER, needless, because of these LIES.

    Instead of being *Just Cockey*, I suggest you do some research.

    One never knows *IF* it will happened to them?


    No doubt the cyberstalker, Richard H Jacobson will appear with his many

    This is his long repeated pattern.

    As usual he has NO Proof!

    His long repeated pattern of badgering and cyberstalking, dates back to

    As well as proof his is a liar.
    Are you sure my name is Richard Jacobson??

    IR >Is it or isn't it?
    cease and desist?? Of course her request presumes that I have been stalking
    and harassing her.
    Unfortunately the Richard Jacobson that DOES live in Hawaii may not be too
    happy with my assuming his name for purposes of the internet especially
    the recent events. He happens to live on a different island from me. I do
    to contact him to let him know that someone may try to harass him since he
    listed in the phone book.
    Hiking The Kalalau Trail

    Richard Jacobson ()
    Sat, 16 Mar 1996 00:27:34 -0500 (EST)

    Kauai still remains closed past Hanakoa due to the reconstruction of
    the trail near "crawler's ridge". Estimated date of completion is Mid May.
    Until then, camping will only be permitted in Hanakapiai and Hanakoa
    Valleys. I for one am anxious to have Kalalau open again. It has to
    be one of the finest trails in the world.

    LadyLollipop, Nov 1, 2005
  17. Tim Campbell

    PeterB Guest

    Just Cocky wrote:
    People have the choice to smoke, however they do so under
    FDA-sanctioned informed consent, meaning they are advised of the risk.
    Since very few people actually get lung cancer, perhaps we should
    eliminate the warning on cigarettes. BTW, politicians could care less
    what you do with your body. The question is, do YOU care?

    PeterB, Nov 1, 2005
  18. Tim Campbell

    PeterB Guest

    Rich.@. wrote:
    <snipped for irrelevance>

    Rich is continuing to distort the phsyiology involved in this
    procedure. Here it is again:

    The consequences of releasing mercury during the process of amalgam
    removal are quite variable. Let's take a closer look. Prior to this
    procedure, the proximity of mercury to the brain is quite pronounced.
    Mercury impacts both brain and neurological function, so even
    displacement of mercury within the body can dramatically effect levels
    of organ exposure. Symptoms unique to the metabolic pathways
    associated with that organ are understandably impacted once the source
    of mercury is eliminated. It's also important to see that two things
    are going on when this procedure is performed. First, the existing
    mercury leakage from amalgams (closest to the brain and methylated to
    an organic form resulting from exposure to oral bacteria) is removed,
    while mercury particles released from the drilling process (which do
    not generally methylate) enter the bloodstream. It is true, therefore,
    that a certain amount of additional mercury is entering the body (ie.,
    the non-methylated and less toxic form), while another source of
    mercury (methylated and far more toxic) is being eliminated at exactly
    the same time. Consequently, it is clear that almalgam removal offers
    immediate cessation of exposure to methylated mercury resulting from
    contact with oral bacteria, whereas elevated amounts of non-methylated
    mercury, particularly in the short term, represent a far lower toxicity
    challenge to the patient. It is not unusual for an individual to
    experience dissipation of long-standing symptoms related to mercury
    poisoning even in the short term, due to alleviation of methylated
    mercury exposure. As for subsequent detoxification, this process is
    extremely complex, both metabolically and symptomatically. Chelating
    agents are used to control toxicity symptoms during and after the
    procedure. There is no way to predict, in the short term or the long
    term, how a given individual will respond to this medical procedure.

    Rich will continue to look for any excuse to discredit posters who
    advocate natural medicine, or posters who question the merits of
    mainstream healthcare, despite his own medical background. This only
    makes it easier for others to identify Rich as a paid Pharma Blogger.

    PeterB, Nov 1, 2005
  19. Tim Campbell

    Mark Probert Guest

    Just Cocky wrote:
    Jan (a/k/a Lollipoop) supports health freedom so long as it is approved
    by unorganized medicine. Anything that is approved by *organized
    medicine* (whatever that is, as Jan will not define it) she does not
    beleive you should be free to choose.

    Cue jan to call me a liar, start another thread about me, and mention
    Rich, Rich, Peter and/or Peter.
    Mark Probert, Nov 1, 2005
  20. Tim Campbell

    Mark Probert Guest

    LadyLollipop wrote:
    So, you support allowing amalgams to be available if a patient wants them?
    Mark Probert, Nov 1, 2005
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