Beware of false diagnoses!

Feb 9, 2017
I recently went to the dentist because I was long over due for a check up and cleaning. I was well aware of a couple cavities and have had some gum recession on front lower tooth. After my x rays and consultation with the Dentist the Dental Hygienist gave me a periodontal exam. She said that the test came back positive because my gums had a little bit of bleeding, but she failed to mention any of my measurements. She told I must come back in to have root planing and scaling done with this cutting edge laser treatment. The cost of this would run me $1100. I found it odd that the Dentist wasn't the one talking to me about the treatment and just had an overall bad vibe from this woman. Shortly after leaving the office I decided to search for a local Periodontist because I believe if it's at all possible always see a specialist! During the exam while he was probing he said out loud all of my measurements (unlike the dental hygienist) there was one tooth that had a 4mm reading but all others were in the 1 to 3 range which is in the normal range. He recommended a good cleaning and to floss more. Also my receding gum had nothing to do with gum disease but the facial muscle tissue that pulls on that area. Based on my experience if you or anyone you know gets diagnosed with periodontal disease and are given vague information, meet with specialist before beginning treatment!


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