Bad experience, bad crown fell off, what’s the etiquette?

Jan 26, 2018
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Here it is in list form:
1) it’s the molar directly above #19 (that’s 22 or 24??)
2) had a root canal ~20yrs ago, filling (apparently) should have been replaced ages ago, miraculously it was perfectly fine at my last cleaning in Nov...but the new dentist said though not required it might be a good idea get a crown. I decided to do some adulting (first mistake, lol) and pay the $ to get a proper crown.
3) major cold temp sensitivity during 3wks of temp crown.
4) zirconia crown placement immediately felt not right. I “complained” within 1-2wks, they looked, assured it was fine.
5) the problem was it felt as if it had too much curvature, and the base of my tooth slightly showed, which concerned me.
5a) by curvature I mean literally half the food I ate would get stuck in between the back-most molar and crown. I’ve used an entire roll of floss and bottle of mouthwash in the last 1mo alone to battle this (my teeth are kinda important to me)
6) I am pretty much fed up, and completely bummed that I’ve forever ruined my mouth, I’ve never seen so much food coming out of one tooth crease. And no matter how much I brush it and use mouthwash multiple times a day, I feel an awful taste (could be the epoxy? Prob bacteria, sadly). It feels unacceptable.
7) tonight, low and behold, my crown fell off while chewing...cooked rice.
8) there is zero pain or sensitivity (except maybe a faint dull feeling far below the surface....maybe it’s in my head - no pun intended). :)
9) terrified to go back to the same dentist...I think they did a not so great job, and I don’t want to loose my tooth...but going somewhere new is not only expensive but also unknown.
10) tangent info, part of why I went ahead and had the procedure for the top molar is because part of the filling of my #19 fell out (cracked when I was young) so somehow thought to just fix/update both with zirconia and call it a day. Unfortunately, temps were very ill fitting, in my opinion; lots of pain @19, “required” root canal by separate dentist 1mo later (was delay in crown placement for various reasons). Crown on 19 is too big (my opinion) gum at cheek interface bulges slightly more than opposite side of mouth, not painful there but, tooth is overall still tender 2mo later, esp when flossing (no blood), and has some feeling when pressing down on it.
11) after 45m-1hr of trying to fix bite we settled at “almost there” during final visit (beg of Dec).
12) to top it all off my the back molar now has two small brown spots where the crown ‘touched’. It was perfect before.
13) my insurance changed in Jan 1st. Not sure how I feel about that

Questions: Is it common for a perm crown to come off within 2mo?

How do you recommend that I approach the dentist? I don’t want to hurt their feelings but I basically spent $1400 to botch my teeth (so it feels). I think they knew it to some extent because of the look on their face when all finished and with a concerned face said “you need to take very good care of these”. I don’t think they did it on purpose, but I’m not convinced they can fix it properly.

What is the etiquette here?



Dec 6, 2017
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There is something seriously wrong with a crown that falls off. Find a better dentist, get some legal advice.

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