Bad crown - next step - new dentist

Dec 17, 2022
Got my first crown about 1 month ago from a new dentist. Tooth broke and I was traveling the next day. Crown prepared and installed on the same day. Ever since, the tooth has been sensitive and can't chew on it. I did go in and they suggested a root canal. Went to my wife's dentist for a 2nd option. They stated in a nice way, that the crown was not done well at all. Not clean work and margin in between my teeth. No root canal needed at this point. Paid $500 out of pocket for the current crown and the new dentist wants $600 to remove the crown and replace. Current dentist wants to "chat" with the 2nd opinion dentist. I do have a dental HMO plan.

Think the old dentist will reimburse? What should I be prepared for? Was not overly happy with the dentist that did the crown in the first place. Friendly, but felt like the staff is always in a rush and someone is always being trained on something and equipment not always functioning.

2022-12-15 13.00.58.jpg


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Mar 18, 2018
The 1st pic shows excess cement at the distal margin - this should be easily removed. The major fault I can see from these Xrays and pics is that there is no contact between this tooth and the one in front - this will lead to food impaction. So for that reason alone I'd have it replaced. Yes, go back to last dentist and approach nicely for your money back with the intention to have it redone elsewhere - we all have insurance to cover these sort of things.


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