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Jan 5, 2017
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I started posting a couple of years ago about my teeth. Most of them strayed giving me trouble after a cleaning and fluroide treatment. No trouble before that. Most all of them hurt to the touch especially the front. Top and bottom. Been to several types if dentist, neurologist, gp, ent. Had mri's, ct scans, stays, and a sleep study. No help. Dentist I have been to say they can't see anything wrong. There is something keeps my teeth like this. It is all the time. I sleep with a mouthguard. When I wake up with the guard on my teeth feel ok. They still hurt but they aren't touching. As soon as I take the guard off that's when it begins. Then I feel the pain as they start touching when I swallow, eat, so.etime talking. That's another thing, my speech isn't the same or my smile either. My occlusion does feel off a little but not bad. What could possibly cause most all of my teeth to be like this 24/7. One doctor diagnosed me with trigeminal nerulgia. I don't have attacks. Mine us constant. I have jst had the regular type xrays. No cone beam or anything. I can't have an infection, I don't think. I don think you could have an infection in your teeth for 2 1/2 years. I don't know. Anybody had anything like this or have any suggestions. Been tried on a lot of medecine.


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