At my wits end

Oct 2, 2022
I am at my wits end and so are my dentists - hive mind, I need you!

I’ll try and keep it short. If you have a minute, that would mean a lot to me.

- some 6 years ago I had a cavity in a molar in my lower jar on the right side (no pain) and got a filling
- from then on, whenever a tiny bit of hard food lay (like a seed) was positioned directly on that filling and I chewed there was a short sharp pain
- that happened rarely and my former dentist said “that’s just not possible” and sent me on my way
- in July I experienced pain more often while chewing, x-ray showed minimal cavity beneath the filling.
- had it fixed, got a new filling, but pain persisted
- dentist checked tooth again 1.5 weeks ago, gave me a new filling and told me to see a specialist if pain persisted
- pain persisted, specialist did tests on that tooth and another x-ray, said nerve is fine
- he shaped that tooth a little for a better bite and put something on that spot to seal it
- I also suffer from severe bruxism. Been wearing a bite splint at night for years, but am having pain in my jaw nevertheless

The situation right now:
- my lower jar on the right hurts almost constantly (seems to be a little dependent on my position/posture)
- the joint on the right hurts and sometimes even cracks, which is new
- the pains seems to radiate to my ear, neck and shoulders

This would point to TMJ, but:

- the tooth became extremely sensitive to cold/heat during the last few days (as far as I can tell near the gum line and especially on the top where the tooth was shaped)
- the pain when I eat/drink something hot/cold travels immediately to the aching jaw/joint and makes it worse. It doesn’t seem to linger in the tooth for a long time, but it makes the jaw pain worth.

Which makes me wonder: Could the sensitivity stem from the shaping that was a few days ago?
Could the jaw pain “just” be TMJ? But why on Earth does it get worse when my sensitive tooth is triggered?

My dentist as well as the specialist don’t know what to do at this point. I’m trying to get an appointment at a dental hospital, but we have a holiday on Monday here in Germany, so it’s not easy.

What could it be? Does anyone have any input on this? You’d help me lot!

PS: I don’t drink or smoke.

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