Are My Symptoms Candidate For Root Canal?

Apr 24, 2016
With a root canal being not only very expensive, but prone to complications, I want to be absolutely sure that it is necessary, and will fix my problems. Here’s the background. Lower left molar (19) had old mercury filling. 7 months ago something shifted. Dentist said something about it being deep and it may need root canal, but he was going to try a filling. It worked and all was fine. Then 2 months ago, same tooth felt occasional sensitivity to cold and occasional jolt while biting (feeling only lasted a second then felt fine). Exam & X-rays showed nothing. Last 2 weeks, sensitivity seems to happen random (not triggered by cold beverage.) Not painful at all, just uncomfortable (can brush/floss/rinse/chew/drink fine!) Sensation also occasionally felt on molar above AND on upper right also. Note that I have had teeth grinding issue in past and stress level was pretty high at the time this began. Could this be my issue? Could the filling be faulty and need a re-do? I don’t want to jump in to root canal just because of some slight discomfort. But I also don’t want to wait for pain or infection either. Is there any absolute evidence (other than sensation) to confirm root canal is needed? How long do I wait with these symptoms before acting... I have had three visits to Dentist and Endodontist in last 2 months! Thanks for any feedback!
Jan 14, 2016
Maybe you should visit again your edodontist and have an x-ray this is to make sure or to determine the condition and shape of the root canal(s) involved as well as to determine the signs or spread of infection to surrounding teeth or bone tissue.


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