AP classes? What should I take?!!!

Aug 2, 2016
I know this specific subtopic of this forum is mainly for students who are already in dental school; however, I am a student in high school, and I think that this would be a perfect question to ask current dental students:

I am planning to be a dentist, and I do not know what AP classes I should take, and after months of research, I have decided to turn to this forum. I am not the best student, I have recently graduated from my freshman year in high school with a 4.0 GPA average between both semesters. I took two honors classes (honors geometry and honors chemistry), both of which were a little bit challenging. So, I do not want to overload on classes, as many medical students that I know have taken nearly ten AP classes. Which AP classes would you recommend taking so I can complete requirements, get a reasonable amount of class credit so I do not have to do every class to fulfill my credit in college. So, between junior and senior year what AP classes should I take (ideal number for me would be around 4-5)/ and if this post wasn't clear enough, what AP classes did you take?


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