Anyone have teeth pain for trigeminal neuralgia

Jan 5, 2017
Anyone suffering teeth pain from trigeminal neuralgia with their teeth. I am suffering from all my teeth hurting, (being sensitive to pressure like when eating or putting my teeth together) not really to hot or cold. All my teeth hurt including the ones with crowns and root canals. My dentist doesn't have a clue. I had right eye pain and tongue burning in the past and the doctor I was going to diagnosed it as some type of neuralgia. I was on medication for a while that I couldn't tell did any good. I got off it and eventually got better. I don't guess this problem I am having with my teeth could have anything to do with that.
The only thing the dentist could come up with is I may be grinding my teeth and keeping them irritated. All this started 11/18/2016 after a dentist appointment for a cleaning and fluoride treatment. I was fine before that. As far as I know I have never ground my teeth.
I was just wondering if anyone had had any problems with their teeth from a type of neuralgia? Thanks


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