Am I candidate for all-on-4 at 25?

Dec 29, 2022

Please see my current state above

Long story short: i am 25, male, i have lose 6 teeth so far, so I have 26 teeth left and not in the best condition despite all efforts by me. My dentists haven't been the best ones so far for sure. I lost one tooth next to the left upper incisor because it was badly decayed so the dentist told me I required a root canal, but he didn't protect what was left of the tooth with a crown. One day my tooth literally broke to pieces, I had to wait 5 days till a clinic took out the remains of my tooth out of my gum.

Ever since I waterfloss 2x a day religiously, never miss a day. Brush 2x or 3x a day for around 4 minutes each. All 3 surfaces of every tooth. Floss the lower arch with string floss. Cannot yet floss the upper arch with any sort of floss other than waterfloss, I have an upcoming appointment with the dental hygenist so I'll ask her to show me how I could do that because my mouth is very narrow, small and I can't get the angle right.

My teeth still keep on hurting almost every day for a couple of hours even tho I really take as much care of them as possible. I also require jaw surgery because my jaws are very recessed, small, underdeveloped, just like my bite. My parents badly neglected my health when I was a kid by not putting me on braces, probably I wouldn't have anywhere near the issues I am having every day had they been good parents.

Wouldn't it be best to take out all 26 of them, replace them with 2 all-on-4 implants (upper and lower arch) so with that not only would I get my bite back (I can't chew with most of my teeth, only with my maxillary and mandibular molars in the back on the sides) but also I could just get straight into the jaw surgery without wasting 2 years on braces. Again, I should have got braces back when I was 12 but my parents messed me up real good. If only I could turn back the wheels of time.

Needless to say, I have completely changed my diet ever since. Take every vitamin, mineral, eat a dairy-rich diet, lean meat as well, very very minimal sweets and energy drinks if any at all on most days.

Also many of my teeth are rather loose or at least feel that way according to my latest dentist.

Please, any input, thoughts, recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated, thank you very much in advance, heartfelt.

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