After implant on lower molar, upper molar hurt from chewing again

Feb 18, 2015
I just had a dental implant completed, it's the lower left molar. From the extraction, I've been missing that tooth for almost a year now, and have been chewing solely on the other side of mouth. Now that I just got my lower left molar back, I tried chewing on it and it hurts the upper tooth that it's chewing against - almost like a sore tooth, doesn't hurt by itself, but hurts when you put pressure on it such as chewing. It also isn't sensitive to temperature such as cold soda or hot soup.

Also, the teeth next the upper molar aren't sore at all when I put pressure against them, even though I haven't chewed with them either. I Googled it and saw that I may have a cracked tooth, but I think it's unlikely. It was just fine when I stopped chewing with it due to the extraction of the lower molar, and I haven't used it for almost a year because there's no teeth for it to chew against.

Is it normal? Is the upper tooth just "spoiled" from not being chewed with for a year? Will it no longer hurt to chew with it after a week or so of chewing? Or is this something not normal, and I should go back to the dentist? I've been baring the pain and slowly chewing soft things like speghetti with it.


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