Advice on tooth #2 filling

Jul 28, 2020
I had a filling placed and it is still sensitive to cold after getting the bite adjusted once. I feel that the bite is still high. The cavity was on the side of the tooth but the top was drilled a bit and I think the filling there may be high. I had a cavity on a top molar on the other side of my mouth in a similar location but the filling was just placed on the side so the bite was fine.

I also circled an area in green on one of the pictures. Do I maybe need the filing done again, if I look at the before and after x rays, it seems like maybe they did not take out the entire cavity area and fill it. Also if you look at before and after, it looks like the filing covers the top of the tooth higher than the original tooth sat.

I had my bite readjusted once, should I go back to have it adjusted again? The dentist that did the filling said that the part that I circled was nothing. Is it worth asking to see a different dentist to get their opinion?



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