Advice on Filling Done Badly

Oct 11, 2022
I need advice. My daughter had fillings done by a new dentist for us due to a relocation. She went for a cleaning and they discovered cavities. We set up the appointment to take care of her cavities before she went back to her university on the east coast (we live in CA). As soon as week later her entire left side was in pain. She had to stop eating on that side because of the pain. Thinking she just needed an adjustment and with her busy school schedule we decided as soon as she had a break she would see a dentist up there to get a quick adjustment of high spots. When she went in there were not many high spots so the dentist took an x-ray of that left side and discovered a tooth was not completely filled, had an overhang and a cavity still in there. Also, the adjacent tooth worked on may possibly have a cavity too. That was the exact area that was painful when she flossed. Here is the dilemma, the dentist said she needs the filling removed and redone. The cost to do that is $427. I paid a lot to the initial dentist because the cavities exceeded my coverage. She doesn't come home until December and cannot get it redone by the dentist that did it wrong in the first place. She's in pain, her jaw hurts from eating only on the right side. I want a refund to pay for the dentist up there to redo that filling. The office has not reached back to me after discussing the situation with the office person. Prior to this I had called them and spoke to the dentist about the pain and she recommended she take a over the counter numbing medication but now that I know it's because of a bad filling that is not appropriate. Any recommendations?

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