Advice needed on worn front tooth

Sep 30, 2019
My major concern is one of the front teeth, the enamel is worn and the teeth surface is very rough. My mum offered me some warm lemon juice drink and ginger and unknowingly, I brushed my teeth after consuming this drink and now it's damaged. It become stained a week after and then I went to the dentist, got some fillings on molars and the stain was removed with microabrasion. The tooth's surface is extremely is beginning to become stained again despite me being careful, and I don't consume any coffee or soft drink, and I've only had 4 cups of tea ever since the dental work. I've also increased my intake of dairy products and drink water after every meal, to help the tooth as much as I can. As for teeth brushing, I floss and also use mouthwash, and brush two times a day.

I want to prevent any further any further damage to this front tooth, and have considered getting tooth bonding for it. Will the tooth bonding match the rest of my yellow teeth? Are there any other options for this worn tooth?


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