Advice need..ive had my two front teeth filed down

Discussion in 'Dental Archive' started by samakhtar-, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. samakhtar-

    samakhtar- Guest

    hi i wanted some advice....about two front teeth being filed down

    i have been having alot of problems with teeth clenching...the
    clenching started
    wen i was very stressed and depressed due to a throat problem which
    lasted along turned me into a hyperchondriac constantly
    worrying about my health. i would constanly clench my back teeth
    during the day wen feeling anxious....

    now i realised that im clenhcing at night as i wake up with
    head/ear/jaw trying to get my self outa this habbit...
    i have stoped clenching during the day although i do get a urge to do
    so sometims. however at night the clenching is still an issue im due
    to get a mouthguard for my bottom teeth.

    but im worrying about something which i wanted ur opinion about...
    before the stress and depression and clenching habbit...i had my two
    front teeth filed down about 3 or 4 mm as they were quite long. could
    the fact that i had my two front teeth filed be the cause of my
    clennching or am i worrying for no reason?

    i cant stop thinking that if the clenching is caused by my two front
    teeth being filed down i wont be able to stop this habbit as my teeth
    wont go back to how they were.

    or is it jus a learned habbit caused by stress?

    i know all this sounds petty and silly but im very distressed at
    moment i would be grateful for any replys. i jus need some reassurance
    that the clenching is habbit caused by stress and not the fact that my
    front teeth were filed.

    has any1 else had any similar problems by having thier two front teeth
    filed down?

    thank u
    samakhtar-, Jan 28, 2007
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  2. samakhtar-

    Steven Fawks Guest


    Steven Fawks, Jan 28, 2007
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