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Discussion in 'Dental Archive' started by Mark Bark, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. Mark Bark

    Mark Bark Guest

    I'm looking for some advice. I am 44, half way through my two years in
    braces to correct the twisted and overcrowded smile I have from
    british dental neglect.

    Now I live in USA, I decided to fix my teeth and the braces seem to be
    working well. Things are straightening up but I have uneven wear on
    the tops of my front teeth, kind of a rollercoaster smile now, legacy
    of ignoring the problem. I'm not too worried about it because I'm one
    of those people who's lip covers their teeth most of the time anyway.
    I really wanted to my teeth straightened as more of a structural issue
    than a cosmetic one.

    They are telling me now though that I should have veneers too or it is
    likely my teeth will go back to their bad habits. I'm disappointed, I
    suffered the braces to fix this permanently and am resigned to wearing
    a retainer at night to make sure. But I wasn't planning on veneers.

    I can't help feeling this is more about my dentists bottom line than
    my grin protection.

    Any advice? If I forego the veneers will snaggliness return?
    Mark Bark, Jun 28, 2004
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  2. Get veneers.
    Keep in mind that if what was causing the wear on your teeth is not
    addressed expect failure.
    There are measures you can take to safe guard this.
    The shoes you wear, your posture may have contributed to your
    Alexander Vasserman DDS., BS., Jun 29, 2004
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