Apr 23, 2019
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Hello, I was just at my dentist to pick up my newly made Mouthguard. After being in the chair for 45mins with her trying to make it fit, sanding etc... it was perfect. She went to polish it, and then it didn’t fit, she took off too much.

The dentist told her to put acrylic on the guard and then set it in my mouth for a fit. When she did this I had not known until then it was acrylic b/c I hadn’t heard that discussion with the dentist. When she put it in my mouth, the stink of the acrylic and it being in my mouth I told her to take it out. I felt like I was being poisoned. I know the guard is made out is a acrylic, but this was wet acrylic. My dentists said they use that to make temporaries all the time. I told him however, this was wet not already made acrylic and that it couldn’t possibly safe or good for you. So now I am freakin out that it was in being absorbed in my mouth and lungs.

Anyone ever had this happen...thoughts?


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