A question for stevengoldy

Mar 6, 2014
Hi, since you are a cosmetic dentist, and apparently the only one answering on threads here I have a question.

Here's the deal. I have a bridge, 3 unit, upper right quadrant. #14 to #16. This bridge has been a pain since day one, the occlusion was way off, and the pontic actually fractured, however is still holding the space open. I returned for a number of adjustments, but never really got much satisfaction. Now about 8 years later I have developed an abscess, periapical, on 14, likely caused by a fracture or over prepping the tooth in the first place,

I have a few questions. Can the cosmetic specialist, who I haven't yet found, remove 14 and 15,( the pontic ) but leave 16 in place with some corrections to the crown? The bridge is porcelain fused to metal. I really don't want to have endodontic treatment at all and would prefer to wait for implants to replace 14 and 15, if possible. Naturally I would prefer to keep 16 since it is still in good shape. A thought, I could just go ahead with the implant on 15, since the bone level is good and then wait till the bone grows back on 14 and then wait for the implant to become secure, or do a cantilever bridge from 15 to 14?

If this is all possible it's going to look horrible for a couple of years, at least, while I wait for enough bone to grow back and following that, the implant is securely in place. Do you have any recommendations for a temporary solution to the appearance part?

Thanks for reading.


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