8 year old son with underbite

Jan 8, 2013
Please help! Our son is 8 and has what I am guessing is an underbite. His lower teeth protrude in front of his upper teeth. When he chews, you can see his bottom jaw come forward of his upper. We took him to a pediatric dentist and she is recommending a face mask (I think it is called an extra-oral traction device?). She said he would need to wear it full time for 3-6 months. The other option she said would be a retainer, but she said it would most likely have little effect. She said if we do nothing, his teeth would continue to grind away, which could create other problems and he could also be faced with needing surgery when he is older.

Does anyone have experience with this? Is this action effective? Are there other options? He is 8 and the thought of having to wear the mask is horrifying to him. His first comment was, "No one at my school wears that." We can do all we can to help his self-esteem, but kids can be pretty nasty sometimes.... Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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