6th day after extraction pain. Am I healing okay?

Aug 25, 2020
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Thanks for your attention.
On the third day after upper molar extraction I started feeling a kind of burning pain in the socket. Not severe or constant that I cannot sleep but strong enough that I have to continue using painkillers a few times a day.
On the fourth day my gums swelled up. Not my cheek just the gums.
Anyhow it's now 6 days after with the same symptoms. Before I go and bother the dentist with my worries can you tell me if you think I'm healing okay? I've attached two photos. It was quite a tough extraction where the tooth had to be bisected and the gum needed a stitch afterwards.
Many thanks for your help.


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Jun 14, 2018
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Upper first molar is very difficult to extract because it has 3 roots usually very flared and anchored into the bone. Make sure you don't have any nasal or sinus problems because the root tips situate very close to the thin sinus membrane. Your healing in the pictures look good. Have the dentist check on the swelling. It could be minor inflammatory healing process and not a rare post-op infection or debris accumulation.

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