3 yr old with pedopartial HELP pls!!!!

Dec 7, 2022
My baby breastfed a lot like a lot a lot all through the night and most of the day and nursed to sleep until she was 2, her front teeth didn’t develop properly and had them extracted. So she got a pedi partial implant for her four front top teeth. A few months after the implant fell out after eating something really not too hard. We waited about 8 months to get her a new implant because of the cost. They suggested a frenectomy on our visit for the new implant but I said no because I didn’t find it necessary. She’s had her new implant for 2 days and her lisp is absolutely insane. She sounds like she’s wearing costume teeth. She’s also spitting a lot more when she talks. I feel they’re too big for her mouth/weren’t installed correctly? Please can someone advise about the pedipartial implants? Any possible side effect or how to tell if the implant is sitting incorrectly? Pls help im so worried I don’t want to mess up her speech development



Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
Age of daughter? Photos? What do you mean by a "pedi partial implant"? I have never heard that phrase before.


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