3 Dentists 1 DR 8+ visits in two weeks. Still no answers.

Mar 4, 2021
Two weeks ago I started to have sudden severe pains in my top right molar. At first, it was only when I ate but quickly progressed to sporadic unprovoked pain.
The pain escalated to a sharp severe pulsing pain that would sometimes last over an hour. The pain seemed to be from the tooth to the gum, with no noticeable irritation to my jaw/muscle. (Due to the pandemic and financial changes I had to change my primary dentist and also had been a year overdue for an appointment).

The first dentist: took X-rays said he couldn't see anything visibly wrong with the tooth and suggested I try a mouth guard because it is possible I may be grinding or clenching. Immediately went out and bought two.

About a day or two later pain had become more severe, I couldn't eat or drink anything at all. Sought out the second dentist for a second opinion.

Second Dentist: Again took x-rays, didn't see anything wrong. But decided to take a closer look himself and found my gums to be inflamed as well as a small pocket of bacteria around one tooth that he cleaned out. He suggested a cleaning which I had done that day and prescribed an antiseptic mouth wash (which I already had).

Though I left feeling ok, later on, that day while trying to eat dinner, extreme pains came back. This time it seemed to be upper and lower molars in that same area.

I made an urgent care visit: to seek out antibiotics in case of an infection or abscess. Dr was obviously highly confused and (as expected) not experienced with teeth. But I got antibiotics and started to take them as a precaution.

I also made an endodontist appointment (out-of-pocket costs) to rule out the possibility of a root canal and also just another opinion. The endodontist was just as confused as the others, saying my teeth weren't responding negatively to all of the tests, and that they appeared to be healthy for now. So she was unsure of what could be causing the pain. She did mention maybe needing to see a periodontist or a neurologist but quickly dropped the idea. Her treatment option for the issue was muscle relaxers for two weeks with the mouthguard to rule out clenching and if that doesn't subside then to make an oral surgeon appointment.

Two days later Desperate and still in pain, I decided to just pay out of pocket and go back to my previous primary dentist in hopes that maybe he could figure something out. More X-rays and tests, he didn't seem convinced that TMJ- a mouth guard - or a neurologist would be necessary. But he was just as confused as everyone else I had seen. He did say he saw a slight shadow under the filling of the original problem tooth. So he cleaned out the tooth and redid the filling. I had some pain relief for about 24 hours then the pain localized back to that lower molar same side. The one tooth, that now turned into two sore teeth all have old fillings in them from years ago, so I started to wonder if that was part of the problem. So I went back to the dentist and he did the same thing to the filling on that tooth. Another 24 hours later, here I currently am still getting sporadic pain in three molars on the same side of my mouth. With no idea how to go about treating this as none of the dentists seem to know what is wrong.
The pain is so bad that if it was just one tooth I would just pull it and get it over with but since it's now all three I feel stuck and uncertain.


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