2nd molar extraction and wisdom tooth

Jul 15, 2020
So, during lockdown my second molar got a giant hole in it. Nothing but temporary fillings could be done (obviously).

Not long after this a small hole appeared in my gum behind the tooth (which I was later told was a wisdom tooth coming through that I didn’t know I had... I’m 31).

The 2nd molar got significantly worse throughout lockdown to the point of needing extraction and the wisdom tooth hole got a little bigger, but it appeared slightly crooked on the x-ray.

One week ago the second molar was surgically extracted (see photo) due to a fused root and the complicated nature of the extraction (my dentist says). It was a rather large hole and my roots are known for being enormous on my molars.

Now to today, the wisdom tooth has made GREAT strides in just one week and is appearing quite rapidly. I can’t find ANYTHING online about what happens with the impacted wisdom tooth when the tooth in it’s way is removed. Can anyone walk me through what is happening and what will come next? Will the wisdom tooth have to come out too? See picture. Sorry, it’s gross!


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