#17 broken, pain getting worse

Discussion in 'Dental Archive' started by gerdman, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. gerdman

    gerdman Guest

    First of all I have to confess to not visiting a Dentist for over 10
    years (shame on me I know). I'm 43 and have all of my wisdom teeth
    since around age 23. When they were erupting my Dentist at the time
    said they were coming in perfectly and opted to not remove them, fine.

    About 20 years ago he repaired a cavity in #17 which was a real pain
    for him as it was right at the back corner of the tooth. About 4 or 5
    years ago, that same back corner of the tooth broke away flush with the
    gum (on a Harvey's hamburger). No pain at the time and no dental plan
    so I didn't bother with it. Now, the back half is gone which I didn't
    notice happening until a cold glass of water sent me up to the ceiling
    fan recently.

    I telephoned the local Dentist who want's to do a thorough exam/x-rays
    etc. before anything which I understand. I'm only guessing at this
    point that either the pulp is somewhat exposed or that there's a cavity
    formed in the open surface somewhere. Brushing vigorously and rinsing
    with salt water afterwards doesn't hurt at all but eating or drinking
    (cold) is extremely painfull. I can't really afford too much but I
    guess I have no choice at this point.

    My question(s) are:

    I would prefer to just have it removed. Will this cause problems with
    the opposite upper tooth eventually? They are all fully erupted and
    otherwise not causing problems.

    I don't know why but every dental procedure I've had done was extremely
    painful. The last fillings that were done freaked me out as it didn't
    matter how many injections he gave me the pain was still unbearable.
    Is it possible that I'm just immune to the injections? Everything goes
    numb but I feel everything anyway (if that makes any sense).

    I really hate to have to go under general for one tooth and the cost is
    obviously much greater as well. Perhaps there are better locals since
    I last had work done?

    Thanks for any insight offered,

    Dentophobic Gary.
    gerdman, Dec 2, 2006
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