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    I need advice ?

    Braces might worsen your present condition. Firstly, sort out the cause for receding gums by consulting the dentist because you are too young to have spaces between teeth and lowered gums. If it is not because of local factors like gum infection or something, check your calcium, thyroid and...
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    If a tooth infection has spread into the jaw and sinus will a amoxcillin kill all infection ?

    Firstly, need a full mouth X-ray to give an unbiased suggestion. Secondly, Infections are like an ocean, and not everything can be treated effectively with Amoxicillin alone. And any antibiotics are certainly NOT meant for self-medication. As said by @honestdoc, oral antibiotics might not...
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    Whether sinus infection gives tooth pain? Anyone knows how to read PNS x-ray?

    I agree with honestdoc. Sinus infection will give referred pain on the upper molar teeth. It is better to evaluate with ENT specialist before approaching a dentist. If you are doubtful, I would say to get the second opinion with your PNS x-ray with an ENT specialist before taking antibiotics. In...
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    Clicking sound or popping sounds in front of ears when opening the mouth and moving the jaw

    Hi, Click sound will occur for various reasons. Yes, it is possible because of your filling if it has " high-points". This you have to rule out with your dentist. However, another major reason could be the eruption of the wisdom tooth ( if you are at the age of 19-25 years or even more and if...
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    Opening up the bite

    Ho okay! then the crown would be a convincing option for you considering your age :)
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    Opening up the bite

    It is possible to open your bite and correct the occlusion with orthodontic treatment. However, to do so, your age and gum strength should support. If your dentist recommends you for braces, I believe, your gums and other supporting structure are pretty strong to accept the procedure. With the...