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    Constant Pain Months After Internal Tooth Bleaching

    Visit Endodontist/s in dental school faculty practice. There are mutiple Endodontists in dental school and it's a real team work environment there, they do most upto date research and evidence based treatment. If I were you, I would have gone to Dental School Endodontic department.
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    Strange bump or lump. Please help!

    You need to be checked by an Oral Medicine Specialist or Maxillo-Facial Surgeon as soon as possible to find out what is it? Why is it? Any treatment needed or not? Don't be scared...every problem has solution, I am sure your problem has solution too. I appreciate your self consciousness to see...
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    Lump on the floor of my mouth.

    See your dentist as soon as possible to make sure what is it? If general dentist can not recognize it, he will refer you to Maxillo-Facial surgeon or Oral Medicine specialist preferably in your state's Dental school. Below your tongue there are sub-lingual glands, most probably something wrong...
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    Swollen gum above wisdom teeth area, picture included.

    Yes, it is related to wisdom tooth, in most cases wisdom teeth now a days limited or no space on the jaw or the tooth is coming in a wrong alignment with other teeth in front of it. Your dentist needs to take an X-ray to find is there enough space on the jaw to accommodate it and is it coming in...
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    Tooth slightly broken please help

    Need to be checked by your dentist, if it is insignificant chipping then slight trimming/ smoothing is needed if not over the time your check/ tongue/ lower lip close the chipped tooth surface can cause irritation and ulceration if it is significant chipping then it needs to be restored by tooth...