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    Dry socket

    AO is not an infection, so the metronidazole is a overkill unless you were also showing signs of infection (swelling, fever). We have to try and limit the unnecessary use of antibiotics wherever possible.
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    Dentist say nothing to see

    Hard to say without access to your records and Xrays. however, given that the lower right wound is still uncomfortable, then it may be that the pain is being referred to the upper right area. It might also be supposed that due to the right side healing, you are eating more on the left side than...
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    Pulling teeth before they're ready?

    Looks about the correct teeth for a 7yo. All the roots have been eaten away (resorbed) as to be expected. You can't pull out baby teeth unless they are very close to this stage.
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    Receding gums and decay under crown

    I can't tell if that is active decay or arrested decay with staining. It also might be root discolouration if that tooth has had a root canal therapy. If it is decay, thensometimes a simple filling is all that is needed. Go get it checked, with an Xray too.
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    Wisdom teeth extraction progress?

    For a simple wound, stitches bring the edges closer together for faster healing (by primary intention) and also to help control bleeding. For extractions, resorbable stitches are nearly always used (plain catgut or chromic catgut). I can't tell from that photo much about the wound, but as long...
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    Dying tooth question

    Teeth can "die" from deep decay, or cracks, or trauma (hit in mouth). Most cracks occur in teeth that have been previously weakened by decay and fillings. Cracks do not show up on Xrays - they are usually diagnosed by your symptoms and history of the tooth. A negative cold test means that the...
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    Tooth number 7 loose

    That has worked well for 10 years, but it has come to an end. There is no point trying a post. Extract, and replace with an implant.
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    Braces on lower arch

    If there has not been much relapse, then probably less than 6 months would be enough. If you go back to the original orthodontist, he/she may give you a better price than a new practitioner. Ask them about a lingual wire retainer.
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    Red lump under tongue

    Small haematoma (blood blister) of no significance.
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    Dental Cost frustation

    I don't know about dental schools in the US. You might ask your dentist to stabilise your teeth to prevent fracturing until Jan 1st. The simplest way is to place orthodontic bands.
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    Mouth ulcers due to dangerously low iron, B12 and folate levels

    You're doing all you can within your constraints. Use a 0.12% chlorhexidine mouthwash to help keep plaque levels low.
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    Unnecessary Procedure?

    The endodontist may have placed a temporary plastic post to make it easier for the general dentist to place a metal post. This way the endodontist makes sure that the general dentist doesn't take away too much of the root filling, plus minimises the risk of post hole perforation by the general...
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    Wound appears fine. You don't get dry scabs form in the mouth - you get white, sloughing material. Your lower front teeth have severe attrition - do you have a lot of acidic drinks?
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    Is this a dry socket

    If painkillers are not controlling the pain, then I'd assume a dry socket and head back to the dentist for a review.
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    Fast Braces- need help

    And why is that?