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    What is this black hole/crack on my tooth.

    It looks like decay from the limited vision we have with your photo.
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    Cheaper options than Invisalign to fix teeth that shifted post braces?

    Generally speaking, retainers retain and movers move. Spring retainers were used in the past and never really worked. You have orthodontic relapse and now need retreatment. $3k for Invisalign is a low fee. We charge $6K. Go to an actual orthodontist, take advantage of their expertise and...
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    Want a second opinion on wisdom removal

    It really depends on how they are situated and impossible to weigh in on without films.
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    Gum swelling

    Can you get an X-ray of that tooth? I’m wondering about an infection. I know you’re short on cash, but I’d try to find a way to check it out.
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    Gum swelling

    Sensitive to heat?
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    Do I have an overbite?

    It’s very mild. I think maybe your doctor crafted it that way so your lower teeth don’t bang in to it. Looks natural. I’m sorry you lost seven teeth.
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    Purpose of regular check ups?

    Generally, you should have two cleaning a year with hygienist, and X-rays/exam once a year with dentist, unless you have some reason for more frequent treatment. Have you had annual X-rays, or have you skipped that part? As good as your dentist is, they don’t have X-ray vision. A tooth can...
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    Do I have an overbite?

    Are you biting fully on your back teeth?
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    Wrong Tooth Extracted

    Your orthodontic treatment is not finished. Did you have to move and that’s why you have a new dentist? Have you sought the opinion of an orthodontist? How long have you been I. Treatment? What did you look like before?
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    Differences for insurance filing for Invisalign vs. traditional braces?

    No, it’s not treated differently. Orthodontic treatment is orthodontic treatment. As a thirty-year veteran of orthodontics, I feel compelled to mention that Invisalign is a “tool” and not a “product”. Our practice currently has five patients whose Invisalign did not go well with their...
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    Horizontal bone loss treatment / GTR

    I am not aware of anything available for the amount of bone loss you describe. Because your teeth are sore and in light of what you report with the bone and tooth loss, it is in your best interest to get rid of the remaining teeth, get out of pain for your dental health. I don’t want to sound...
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    Would TADs [Temporary anchorage devices ] correct MY gummy smile? (Photo)

    Have you seen an orthodontist for a full work up with an analysis? Check your area for an AAO Board Certified orthodontist and get an opinion. There are many considerations with planning that type of treatment.
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    how to DIY fix handpieces

    You can buy new ones on the internet for around $400US.
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    I'm 13 And Don't Know What To Do

    You need to see a dentist. Can you show your school nurse and see if he/she can help you?