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    Bumps on tongue

    Please do not make duplicate posts about the same problem. I'm only leaving this thread as the images are much clearer.
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    Question and Answer Threads

    I've upgraded the Q&A functionality, as the new forum update now includes this by default. I need to work on how to import all of the old threads answered marked as "solved", which may take a week or two.
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    Clinical Advice Rule Update

    I'll be keeping an eye out, but if you see something that's bad advice or problematic, just hit the "report" button under the post and I'll take a look at it.
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    Clinical Advice Rule Update

    As part of the on-going improvements to the forums, we have updated the rules to include the following notice: This issue has cropped up several times in the past few months, but it is important that we address this. Clinical advice should only be given by dentists, or within the remit of the...
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    Forum Categories

    The current forum categories were created many years ago and now that the forum is undergoing some upgrades, I thought it may be an interesting time to see if this is something that can be improved. Do you have any suggestions on the layout or section names visible on the main forum? Should...
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    Question and Answer Threads

    I'm testing out a Question and Answer addon for the forum, whereby anyone creating a new thread can check the "question" box and it will allow for scoring of replies and marking of a "best answer". It'll take a while to tweak this so that it works as desired, so please do keep an eye out for it...
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    Website Upgrade

    Let's stick with Green for now then :).
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    Website Upgrade

    Quick question... Which colour do you prefer for the site colour scheme? Green or Blue. Here's what they look like:
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    Website Upgrade

    I'm in the process of upgrading the forum software, with some further changes to come in the next few days. It'll take another hour or so to get the website looking as it should, as I need to tweak the layout a little bit. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up, as it looks a bit different...
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    To crown, or not to crown?

    I'm away for a few days, but when I return home I will be starting work on a site upgrade, as well as a set of guidelines and rules for the forum. I've been intending to do this for a couple of months now, but this will start ASAP. We definitely need to address what happens when medical advice...
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    Can anyone recommend a dentist that does bone grafting, gum

    Please remember, this is a global site and you've not mentioned where you are based. Without more information on where you are located, we can't give any useful advice. Unfortunately, we're not really the place for recommending specific dentists - as we get a lot of spam attempts each week...
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    Hello and welcome :).
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    White lumps in throat

    Looks like a tonsillolith - a calcification formed within a tonsil pocket:
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    Welcome aboard Sid :).
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    Hello there.

    Welcome aboard, Gary :).