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    Swollen Mouth

    Good day Also keep in mind blocked salivary glands or swollen parotid glands. If you see your GP, ask about this as well. Sometimes swollen cheeks could also be due to enlarged muscles of mastication due to a chronic habit of grinding.
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    My 5 Months Old Braces

    Good day Just because you don't feel pain after adjustments, doesn't mean you have reached the limit of tooth movement. Usually with the orthodontic treatment, the initial few months is a bit painful. If the orthodontist decides to use a thicker arch wire in the future, you might experience...
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    Gums Swollen with with little bumps around the teeth, advanced stage gingivitis?

    Good day The gums look a bit swollen in the second photo. It is important to remember that swollen gums could be because of various reasons. It could be plaque induced, and in such a case you will need a proper cleaning. It might also be related to certain medical conditions, medications used...
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    How to slow down a cavity?

    Good day On the Panoramic radio-graph it doesn't look like you have cavities on your front teeth, although sometimes a peri-apical x-ray would have given more information. It might be that you have areas where the enamel is very thin and translucent and then it appears grey. This could cause...
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    How long can I wait until a root canal or extraction?

    Good day Some antibiotics stay in your system for 2 weeks to a month, which should keep the pain/infection at bay. If you don't have severe pain and you can manage with over the counter anti-inflammatory meds, you should be able to fly and hold out until you see the dentist.
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    Swollen Mouth

    Good day? Have you had your tonsils removed yet? What about your wisdom teeth? Any photos of the affected areas?
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    Wound lasting for a week

    Good day It still looks like a traumatic ulcer or an apthous ulcer. This can sometimes last up until 2 weeks. Have you tried any medications as yet? Kenalog in Orobase is a good medication to get over the counter and apply to the area.
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    Hyperdontia or salivary stone ?

    I would visit a dentist. to restore the decayed second molar. During this visit, and x-ray can be taken to evaluate if the wisdom will have enough space to erupt fully into the oral cavity, or does it require removal.
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    Hyperdontia or salivary stone ?

    That is your wisdom tooth that is erupting. Your chipped tooth is your second molar
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    Hyperdontia or salivary stone ?

    Good day Could you perhaps supply a photo of the area? It might be your second molar that chipped and the wisdom tooth that is erupting into the oral cavity.
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    Wisdom tooth extraction

    2 weeks is a long time for that area to heal. I would consider arranging a follow up visit with the dentist and maybe consider seeing a TMJ specialist. X-rays would be helpful, so that we can evaluate the other teeth in the area.
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    Gum recession

    Good day I would wait before doing any periodontal surgery. Periodontal surgery doesn't always solve the problem. Your recession does not look too severe. I would change your habits first. Use a soft toothbrush, and use circular motions when brushing. Go for regular dental check-ups to ensure...
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    Wisdom tooth extraction

    Good day Do you have any x-rays of your teeth?
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    Red spot on Gums

    Good day It looks like a small minor apthous ulcer or traumatic ulcer. Rinse with some luke-warm salt water. Should disappear within 7-10 days
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    Chipped wisdom tooth

    Good day I think it is important to see a dentist. More pieces can break off and then the tooth could become compromised. Based on what you said, I think it is a good idea to go see a dentist for a full consultation.