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    Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Is bone grafting necessary?

    Normally need to meet clinical criteria of existing bone loss to require bone graft. Not normally routine unless you want to part with more $$$. Maybe get a second opinion.
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    Teeth moving at 22 years old?

    Depends how much it affects you and do you have the money for extensive surgery. Thai oral surgeons are very good most have all the latest technology for very good reconstruction. Without a retainer though your teeth will be on the move.
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    Molar with Big Composite Filling

    A root canal is a last resort for pain management. Sounds like you are getting close to needing one. Either you pull it or root canal depends if you have the money to plug the gap. Root canals not all bad can be trouble free for decades but yes it's like a dead tree stump left behind.
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    Beyond Malpractice -- My recent nightmare of an experience.

    Holy cow almost took your eyes out are you sure he is a dentist and not a plumber?
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    Consequences from teeth whitening

    Home bleaching is pretty useless and it certainly won't turn a decayed tooth to a shiny new white one. If you teeth are pretty horrid yellow ask for in house bleaching first then Color match to a composite to repair the bad tooth.
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    Loss of taste after fillings

    Sounds like a nerve got hit with the injections. It should recover but can take weeks or sometimes months. More common with wisdom teeth extractions.
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    Something strange inside cheek

    You bit your mouth mostly by eating sometimes while alseep and not realising. Can take a while to heal.
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    Dry Socket

    A new clot is a good approach. Give it time! No poking or touching it if you can get a clot formed the healing process will be rapid and the pain will go down over the next 72 hours
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    Dental implant, metal showing through porcelain on crown

    It's a mess he needs to give you a new crown. Structure is compromised and will harbor infection.
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    Teeth wobbling and major fear of what's going to happen

    Ask to have your lower fronts bonded in a bridge to keep them fixed in place using ribbond and composite. It's a cheap quick procedure and can last for many years sometimes to stop those wobbly teeth falling out.
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    Dentist Ripoff? Please Advise

    If there is no pain and not unsightly you can have any decayed margins resealed with flowable composite then it should last for many more years. Sometimes if it "ain't broke leave it alone" is well justified.
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    Dry Socket ~5 days after impacted wisdom teeth?

    It's healing don't panic! There is no mistaking a dry socket the pain is 3000% else it's fine.
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    Unbearable Pain And Complications After Removal

    You shouldn't be poking your tongue in the holes makes things worse. Get hold of some MMS chlorine dioxide and use twice a day as a mouth wash. I presume if the dentist already seen you twice they are not overly concerned and you just need healing time with pain killers.
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    Are my teeth too far decayed to be saved?

    Unfortunately no matter how bad your teeth are now they just get worse without help. Go have a chat to a dentist and he will explain what can be done and the possible procedures then give you time to think things over. Please do it as infections can be dire! Most pain of dentist is in the mind...
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    Veneers or Crown

    A lot less tooth material needs to come off with veneers and crowns need basically ground down to a tooth stump. Why not consider direct composite make over its a lot cheaper and faster it will hide the discoloration.