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    Right lateral incisor and canine

    You are right about trying to give a diagnosis with almost no information on the case, but I have seen many lower laterals that get caught on the way up. I have lectured to many paediatric dentist and also orthodontists who deal with children all the time. I have devised a method where you can...
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    Retainer after braces

    Your retainers can be made to keep the teeth that you have in their proper position. But you build the retainer with acrylic pads in the gaps that you have, that occlude against the upper or lower teeth. They donot let the opposite teeth from the gap move into the gap and they donot let the...
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    What are these white spots on my gums and how can they be treated?

    Go back and redo your orthodontics and have proper torque and overjet and could correct any cl.2 or cl.3 problem that you have. I would put you in some good retainers where your teeth come in contact with each other so they would wear in any type of retainer that has a wire coming over your...
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    Are there any alternatives to surgery for treating vertical maxillary excess?

    Yes there are many many alternatives to surgery !!!!!!!
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    Orthodontics advice

    If when you close your mouth, your front teeth touch the lower front teeth and you close the space up above and don't do anything to the bottom, your front teeth will hit your bottom teeth early and they will be sour, this may push your jaw backwards and press your condyle against the...
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    Right lateral incisor and canine

    I would like to know if It is upper or lower lateral. Most likely it would be a lower lateral. This happens quiet frequently. If your child's deciduous teeth were perfect, then your permanent teeth are larger than the deciduous teeth so you got a crowded problem to start with. Frequently you...