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    What are these lumps next to my canker sore

    I get these very frequently and they are quite painful. That looks like a large sore and they usually heal within 2-3 weeks depending on how severe the canker sore is. 2 suggestions for you.. a warm saltwater rinse 2-3 times a day will help relieve pain and avoid acidic foods as they will...
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    Is this normal?

    Are you constantly touching it with your tongue or finger?
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    Lump above one tooth?

    It feels like bone but it does not feel the same on the other side of my mouth
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    Lump above one tooth?

    I have no x ray images sorry, but the lump is hard
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    Lump above one tooth?

    I am really stressed about this, could this by any chance be a sign of something worse? Like cancer or gum disease?
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    Should My Tonsils Look Like This?

    The holes are a normal feature of the tonsils and I believe they are referred to as tonsil crypts. Many people struggle with tonsil stones and these stones can bring on a variety of symptoms, such as a sore throat. As for the sore, it looks like a common canker sore and these can occur from a...
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    Lump above one tooth?

    Have had a painless lump above one tooth and feels like it changes in size from big to small but will not go away. Attached photos that shows a difference in one day. Any thoughts on what this could be?