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    Post extraction pain

    Hi Paul, Sorry to hear this. Do you have bad breath from the tooth as well? Sometimes a "dry socket" can happen after extraction, and the risk increases if you smoke (regardless whether you stopped smoking prior or after extraction), immune suppressed, drinking alcohol, etc. The best idea will...
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    What are these dents in 6 year olds teeth?

    Hi, They are caused by normal wear from eating and chewing, or from grinding. And a bit of erosion (perhaps from juices, sugary drinks).
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    Impacted Teeth Wisdom Teeth Underneath

    Hi Any radiographs or photos please, these will help with the suggestions. Thank you.
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    Tooth pain from the back teeth can radiate to the side of your face, neck, ears, head and can cause headache etc. The hole - from what you have described, it has progress very deep, and close to the nerve or reaches the nerve inside your tooth already. If the dentists won't see you - then yes...
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    Hi, You should go to see the dentist and have this hole checked and filled. This hole can progress deeper if you leave it alone and it can reach the nerves inside your tooth and the tooth may eventually die - then you will need root canal or extraction - which will cost more than a filling...
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    I chewed on root canal tooth which is not crowned yet. Will it cause any harm? Please help. I am so nervous about it.

    If the pain is due to the tooth, then after endo, maybe after a few days, you should feel less painful/sensitive. If there is pain/symptoms still persist after endo or worsen - pain persists for about 1 month for you? then it could be: 1) The endo treated tooth still needs to be watched until...
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    I chewed on root canal tooth which is not crowned yet. Will it cause any harm? Please help. I am so nervous about it.

    Hello, It is really difficult to tell exactly what causes you to experience the pain unless we do a thorough examination for you. Gentle chewing on the cotton roll will be fine. But try not to eat anything hard on the root canal treated tooth even it is crowned, because a root treated tooth is...
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    Please help! Cavities no matter what I do.

    You can try to have some water after you eat sweets, fruits, and yoghurt. And try to limit the frequency of eating these in a day if you can, because it takes at least 30 minutes for the pH in the mouth to rise again, when there is a drop in pH due to acidic foods including fruits. Also do not...
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    Please help! Cavities no matter what I do.

    Hello, When you say you have "a little bit of sweets as an after-dinner snack", what do you normally have? How frequently do you eat snacks at night or throughout the day? Do you eat any fruit, vitamin supplements? It will be good to know a detailed list of your dietary habits and dental...
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    Gum abscess, can antibiotics only work..?

    Hello, If it is an abscess caused by a tooth, the best option will be to drain it through the tooth, extraction (if the tooth cannot be saved), or drain through soft tissues. Antibiotics can help to settle down the infection a bit. But after the infection has settled down, less painful, the...
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    Can we do crown work after wisdom tooth procedure?

    I have taken many impressions for my patients. The impression sets in a few minutes will come out in one piece. The impression taken ideally needs to capture all the teeth because we need to simulate your bite and jaw movements, etc in order to make a crown that actually fits with your bite...
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    Can we do crown work after wisdom tooth procedure?

    The crown impression material itself is safe, but if you are concern about the material to get into the socket or any other concerns, you can always postpone the crown treatment for now, provided that you can take care of the root treated tooth e.g. do not eat/chew anything hard onto it (but you...
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    Can we do crown work after wisdom tooth procedure?

    It should be fine to go ahead with the crown, as long as you do not experience any pain from the root treated tooth and the root canal treatment is good.
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    Bruxism with broken down anterior teeth

    Dear Drs, If a patient comes in with bruxism has worn down anterior teeth, which material would you give as the first option? If crowns are needed, which type of crown would suit for this patient (for anterior region)? Your help is much appreciated. Thank you!
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    What is recall interval for crowns?

    Dear all Drs and students, I have always been wondering what is the recall interval for crowns? Is it 1 week after placement then 6 months then every year? Thank you very much for your help/answers.